Rhombus Computing LLC consulting company was formed to assist organizations achieve their Information Technology goals efficiently and cost effectively.

This can be done by analyzing, identifying and documenting systems and processes within the IT department.
We believe by utilizing techniques and methodologies identified in Enterprise Architecture (EA) frameworks, we will be able to assist organizations and their IT departments achieve these goals.

Enterprise Architecture can assist organizations realize their current architecture/processes (AS-IS architecture), reveal process gaps and identify new processes/systems required to achieve organizational strategic goals (TO-BE architecture).

The Enterprise Architecture activities help align IT directions with business strategies and goals.
This is a vast subject for us to discuss in detail here but, at very high level, Enterprise Architecture has many advantages. Enterprise Architecture can answer many of questions with in IT. There are many different frameworks and many good tools that can be used with Enterprise Architecture activities. What is important is to be realistic about the Enterprise Architecture implementation. It is important to be flexible about the approach rather than following the framework or tools blindly.
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Here are few key points how Enterprise Architecture can help organizations:

Create visibility of existing systems and processes - Helps analyze root causes of an issue,

Promotes module/component based architecture/solutions, which helps component re-usage
AS-IS architecture helps to design future systems, reuse of services hence faster solution delivery
Helps to align IT goals to match business goals and predicts future systems changes etc......